We love dreams.

Supporting change, creativity &
ambition in the following
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Supporting Dreams & Creativity. Making good better. We want to invest in voices and stories that can touch and inspire to engaging people in todays most important issues. With the aim to create role models. The people or projects we aim for are the ones aiming making an impact on the world. The ones based on a big dream. We want to jailbreak ideas from existing institutions and set them free. To help with creating free space to create.


Together starts and ends with our interest in the new world that is shaping. In Together we want to understand it better. We want to be part of projects where a new way of thinking is applied around digital or physical ways of applying democracy and bringing people together. How the civil society is working to impacting better societies into their way of working and in that becoming role models for a new way of doing things in Sports and Creative organisations.

We see the world from here

Revolution and disruptions come in waves when the world needs it. Innovations are a result of original thinkings, and originality comes from the ability to think differently, which is strongly linked to creativity. But a lot of original thinking is turned down and compromised with. We believe the artistic creation sometimes is the main thing for us to be able to express thoughts through that is just not able at the time to be expressed through usual way of communications. Artists in our sense from this become frontiers in time. We want to support original thinking and support and inspire art that is far from conform. We want to see how people see the world in different ways not just in one or two.


We believe role models are the ultimate agents of positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society and economy.

To live inside rules can be very restricting. It's freedom that defines you.

Therefore we invite people to join us at our quest to inspire, provide and catalyst hope & dreams. We are on a mission to make people dream bigger, and dreams to be realised.

We aim to inspire people and projects around the globe to unlock their way of looking at the future, by the mission of feeding creativity, dreams & ambition.

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Founder and Chairman:
John Harmander

Executive Director:
Ana Badurina

Art Advisor:
Ana Maras Harmander