We’re on a mission to
make people dream bigger.
We partner with people
to create progress.

We invest and support role
models in sport, dreams and creativity.

Supporting change, creativity &
ambition in the following
sponsorship programmes —


Supporting people whom have a dream


Sponsorships for organisations in sports & creativity with a clear longterm vision

We see the world from here

A funding and support mechanism for artists & outsiders


We believe role models are the ultimate agents of positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society and economy.

To live inside rules can be very restricting. It's freedom that defines you.

Therefore we invite people to join us at our quest to inspire, provide and catalyst hope & dreams. We are on a mission to make people dream bigger, and dreams to be realised.

We aim to inspire people and projects around the globe to unlock their way of looking at the future, by the mission of feeding creativity, dreams & ambition.

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Founder and Chairman:
John Harmander

Executive Director:
Ana Badurina

Art Advisor:
Ana Maras Harmander